Loretta Lazaris of White City attended her second preparatory class for her People-to-People trip to Western Canada this past Sunday in Topeka. There are 13 students from northeast Kansas in her group led by Mrs. Tammy Gibson who teaches social studies in McPherson.

The tuition for the trip is almost $4000 which the students must earn themselves through fund-raising events and sponsorships. The program was started by President Eisenhower in 1956 with the help of Walt Disney and Joyce Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards of Kansas City. Since then, thousands of young people have served as ambassadors to countries all over the world. It is hoped that this will create peace through understanding and to make good global citizens of the participating student. They, in turn, will influence the people around them upon their return. The trips are jam-packed with different cultural experiences provided by the host country. Loretta's trip will include a 3-night stay in an Indian village where they will be living in teepees, hiking in Branff National Park, whale watching and an archeological dig, among other things.

Look for upcoming events in the next few months: Valentine date night, a car wash and perhaps another sale or soup supper. If your group would be interested in sponsoring Loretta, she can be reached at 349-2348.