WHITE CITY, Kansas (STPNS) -- Daryl Ash of White City has announced the opening of his business, Ash Computer Repair & Data Services, with his office in his home.

Daryl will help you find a solution to your computer/technology problems at a reasonable price. Some of the services Daryl can provide are computer repair (motherboard replacement, memory upgrades, CD/DVD and hard drive installations, etc.), hard drive back up, computer installation, computer training (entry level and intermediate level), music CD backup, DVD backup, VHS to DVD conversion with editing, picture/video slide shows and presentations, home network installation and wiring and much much more.

He also offers tech support services, helping you work through computer problems.

Daryl is a graduate of White City High School, a graduate of Emporia State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in computer information systems and has worked in the technology industry for over 10 years.

Daryl purchased his first computer in 1994 after graduating from high school and said, "I didn't know much of anything about computers. Thankfully, I purchased tech support services and pretty much kept them employed for a few years!"

In 1996, Daryl began working for Valu-Line of Kansas (Emporia) while he was attending ESU. His job was internet support until Valu-Line merged with Birch Telecom when Daryl was trained to build and work on computers and network infrastructure. For three years, Daryl worked on computer systems, wiring, voicemail systems and Voice over IP solutions in Austin, Texas. By 2001, small town living seemed more and more the lifestyle Daryl and his wife Penny were wanting, so they returned to the White City area. Daryl began working for the Provost Marshal Office at Fort Riley in February of 2001 where he supported the computers and E911 system for the Military Police. As his temporary appointment approached its expiration date, he went to work for Seamless Data Systems in Emporia.

In January of 2004, Daryl returned to Fort Riley, working with the Directorate of Information Management Office where he remains today working on computers.

His extensive background in computers, and knowing of the need for computer repair and tech services in the area, was the inspiration for opening up his business.

Daryl says, "I don't have any set office hours but if I'm home, we're open. If someone's computer is not working, we're open! Just give me a call."

Daryl and his wife Penny are the parents of three children, Dustin, Morgan and Brayden. Daryl and Penny are active in many organizations and activities in the White City community. Proving his involvement and dedication to the local community, Daryl will be donating 10% of his revenues to the WCHS Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Anyone with computer problems or questions about any of the above services, may call Daryl at 785-349-2125 or e-mail him at daryl_ash@yahoo.com.