WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook At the monthly council meeting Monday evening Brandy Vande Kieft Westbrook police officer for 18 years submitted her resignation. Vande Kieft said she has taken a management position with Staples Oil at the Heron Lake C Store. She had been assistant manager at the Westbrook store. She also told the council the position would require her to relocate.

    Mayor Dennis Phelps and the council thanked her for her many years of service to the community.

    Police Chief Alan Wahl told the council they will have to look for a replacement for Vande Kieft. The council approved hiring of Brad Peters as a part time police officer.

    City Clerk Katie Steen told the council the warning siren on Seventh Street is in need of repair and would cost about $2,700 to repair. Chief Wahl told the council they could probably replace it with a different one for less money. The council decided to go ahead and either replace or repair the existing siren.

    City Clerk Steen gave the council a brief outline of budget projections  of major line items. With her preliminary projections, she said the local levy would be somewhere in the neighborhood of a five percent increase for 2016. That would be about a nine  percent reduction from last years budget levy.

    The full council will review her projections next month and make necessary adjustments and make final approval in October.

    The council received word from

Banner and Associates indicating the cost of a proposed sewer project to line the main line to the lift station would be about $370,000. The city has the funds on hand to cover the cost, but they will have to increase the sewer fees to build up the  sewer fund. Previously city clerk Steen had told the council the current rates are substantially lower than small towns in the area. The council gave their approval to hire Banner and Associates to do the engineering for the project.

         The council approved an easement  to T-Mobil to install fiber optics to the cell phone tower, pending on receiving further  information from the company installing  the fiber optics.

    The following building permits were approved by the council.

     Westbrook VFW Club to build a patio and fence on their property on First Avenue.

     Teresa Dague to build a garage, and driveway at her residence on Bell Avenue.

     Dennis Fullin to build a utility shed on his property on First Avenue.

     Stan Erickson to move in a garage on  his property on Ash Avenue.

     John Keithan to add a modular ramp on his home at Adams Avenue.

     Arlene Erickson to build a deck on her property on Birch Avenue.

    Chief Wahl noted there has been problems with people leaving trash in the city park. Also people should be aware that dogs are not allowed in the park with the exception of leader dogs. People walking in the city should also pick up their dogs feces when they defecate in the city.

July Police Report:

    Five Tickets were issued, three arrests made, two county assists, two air ambulance assists.