WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- The Walnut Grove City Council met in a regular session on the 8th day of June 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the city office.  Greg Hansen, Xiong Yang, Leonard McLaughlin, Jeff Harnack, Kerwin Armitage, Tom Hansen, Lisa Zmeskal (Hoffman & Brobst), Dave Hoyt were present. Todd Harrington was absent.

    Mayor Hansen presided at the meeting.  

    Lisa Zmeskal from Hoffman & Brobst reviewed the 2014 audit report with the council.  Key financial highlights include the following:  

    *The assets of the city exceeded its liabilities at the close of the most recent year.

    *The Senior Housing Fund owes the General Fund $96,000 from the first year operations.

    *The General Fund Balance increased $112,965 to $844,594.  This amounts to 97.9% of next year's budgeted expenditures which exceeds the fund balance goal of a minimum of 40% of next year's expenditures.

    *The city's GO Street Improvement Bonds of 2004 were paid in full in 2014.

    The council approved the audit report as presented.

    Discussion was held on the motions made in June and September of 2014 that were made to close the debt service fund for the 2004 Street project and to receipt the payments into the utility funds.  After discussing this with the auditors it was determined that these payments should be receipted to the general fund and then transferred to the utility funds to make the bond payments from there.  The council approved rescinding the motions made in June and September 2014 and approved receiving the funds into the general fund and making the transfers.  The council also approved amending the budget to reflect the changes made.    

    Kerwin Armitage presented the Water/ Wastewater report.  The new lift pump is in and is working properly. Maguire Iron has inspected the water tower and made recommendations for interior painting and safety equipment needed for the tower.  The council approved going forward with the needed repairs as quoted in the inspection report totaling between $56000 & $61000, and to go forward with the recommended OSHA standard equipment for roof venting and safety upgrades for climber safety.  

    Tom Hansen presented the maintenance report.  Tom received a quote of $9190.00 to have a 2” overlay put on the basketball court.  Discussion was held on going forward with sealcoating the streets.  The council has approved going forward with this, however Tom would like to do some more research before they go forward with this.  Tom has received a quote of $250 per heat to do infrared patching for the manholes and gate valves.  The council approved the infrared patching.  

    Discussion was held on parking on Lee Street.  The city continues to have complaints because of the parking on this street.  The council has instructed Tom to have some “No Parking” signs placed by the corner of Lee and 8th Street to improve this.  

    The city clerk was instructed to send a certified letter to the property on Main Street in violation of the nuisance ordinance to clean up the property.  

    The Walnut Grove Fire Department has applied for an $1800 matching grant from the DNR for turnout gear.  The council approved this application.

    Discussion was held on the property purchased by the EDA on Washington Street.  The council determined that the water fund will pay to get the water and sewer mains in place.  The property will be split into four lots with an easement on the east end and south side of the property.  The price for the lots will be set by the EDA.  

    The council approved the minutes for the May 11, 2015 regular meeting and approved Claims #37068 through #37126.