WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook — Earlier this year the council received word from grant facilitator Jeff Gladdis that the city made it through the second round of consideration for the Small Cities Grant.

    Just last week the city received word that they would be receiving the grant of over $400,000 for housing rehabilitation. After administrative and grant fees are taken out, the city will receive about $350,000.00 for repair of about 20 homes in the city.

    City Clerk Katie Steen will be attending a grant meeting in Mankato to learn details of administering the grant. After that it will be about two months before any applications will be accepted. The grants will be given on a first come first served basis of persons who applied for the grants.

    Mayor Dennis Phelps says that most of the work will probably not be done until the next construction season. However if some of the applicants have the needed paperwork done early, some of the projects might be started later this fall.

    Mayor Phelps told the council the personnel committee is still actively seeking a part time police officer. He noted they did receive a couple of applicants, however further study is needed.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad reported the city branch pickup, and city wide refuse pickup have been completed, and the swimming pool is up and running. He also told the council he is checking with the county to see about doing some seal coating.

    A discussion was held on what streets they are looking at for seal coating. They are looking at doing some repairs on some of the streets before seal coating. Also  the utilities has some spots that need to be repaired due to utility work.

Streets proposed for seal coating include portions of eleventh, ninth, seventh, and Cedar.

    Librarian Kari Ourada requested to have a sign put by the entrance to the library. She also requested to have a bike rack installed on the west end of the library, as  sometimes people are leaving their bikes on the sidewalk which obstructs pedestrian traffic. While on the subject of bicycles, Mayor Phelps also reminded that bicycles are not to be ridden on the downtown sidewalks.

    The council discussed a problem at the municipal swimming pool. The protective coating on the steps of the water slide is coming off leaving sharp edges exposed. It is something that can not be repaired so a new ladder will have to be purchased if they are to be able to use the slide. Clerk Steen had talked to the Westbrook Women’s Club about donating money to replace the ladder. They agreed to donate $1,000 to replace it.

    Jim Jorgenson said he will pay for the purchase of a gate on the east side of the softball diamond. It is needed to make access for the tent and other equipment to be brought in for The Rock Concert for Kate’s Courage. The council accepted the offer to pay for the gate and materials to install it.

    The following building permits were approved:

    • Doug Hessler to replace a garage at his residence  on Ninth St.

               Screen house and a shed on her property on Cedar Avenue.

    • Don Meier to install a fence on  his property on Birch Avenue.

    • Dan Joel to build a utility shed on his property on Birch Ave.

    • Arlene Erickson to replace a porch at her property on Birch Ave.

    • Frank Wood to build a dog kennel on his property on Fourth Street.

    • Chadd Wahl to construct a play house on his property on Columbus Avenue.