WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — Before the regular council meeting Gail Bondhus from the county assessors office made a presentation on the parameters of tax information for the City of Westbrook.

    Bondhus told the council there were 14 sales of property in the city. She noted the set valuation decreased by 10 percent last year. Farmland showed a decrease in  valuation of 15 percent. Overall the total city’s market valuation dropped from $21,713,700 last year to $20,188,300.

    Will Pickle Ball come to Westbrook? You say, what is Pickle Ball? Well the game originated in Arizona, Texas or Florida apparently by the snow bird set. The game is a combination of tennis, and ping pong.

    According to Mayor Phelps some of the  snow birds are very enthused about the game and have requested the city to set up a court in the city park. The game is played on a court similar to a tennis court, only it is a much smaller court and has a shorter net. It also is played with paddles similar to ping pong paddles only a bit larger.

    The council discussed looking into it and will check to see what it entails. Mayor Phelps says anything to keep our older folks in shape would be good thing.

    The  council approved a liquor and gambling permit to the Westbrook Area Volunteers for Fun Days.  The council also approved a wage increase for lifeguards and WSI teachers. Lifeguards will receive an increase of 25 cents per hour, and Water Safety Instructors will receive a 50 cents an hour increase. City Clerk Katie Steen noted they are short of both lifeguards and teachers.

    Steen brought up an issue of an absentee property owner that had a complaint that he was assessed $1500 for mowing last year. He apparently did not know the  person living in the home was not taking care of the lawn. Steen talked to the assessor about it and was told it would set a precedent if they gave relief for the assessment, but it was up to the city. After discussing the  pros and cons the  city decided not to reduce the assessment.

    The  following building permits were issued:

    • Clifford Delco to install a portable shed on his property on Ash Avenue.

    • Todd Dibble to put an addition to  his garage on his property on Adams Avenue.

    • James Walgren to do several miscellaneous project on his property on Eleventh Street.

    • SMJ Consulting Services for T-Mobile to install communication equipment on the cell phone tower on the south side of town.

    Police Chief Alan  Wahl told the council they need to hire a part time police officer. Brad Peters was approved to part time status as a city employee.

    April Police Report.

    One accident report; one ticket issued; two domestic calls; eight air ambulance assists.