WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook — If you have been in the Westbrook Post Office Lobby, you would notice there is a beautiful Christmas Cactus in the sales lobby.

    Former Westbrook Postmaster, Beve Cohrs, brought to our attention how old the plant might be. She told us the late Ester Bruning brought the cactus in while Beve was serving  as Postmaster. Cohrs said Bruning told her that the Cactus once belonged to her grandmother. Which would make the cactus well over a hundred years old.

    Cohrs said, “for the longest time I never could get the cactus to bloom at Christmas time. Then I was telling someone about it and they told me to quit watering it for the month of October, and it worked — after that it then bloomed in December.