MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Oregon (STPNS) -- Nov. 29: 12:19 a.m: Weapon - Shots Fired. 40300 block, Deerhorn Rd. Complainant advised it sounds like someone is shooting near the river, has heard approx. 6 – 7 shots, nothing else.

Nov. 29: 8:24 a.m: Property - Suspicious Vehicle. 45900 block, McK. Hwy. Caller advises a blue Toyota pickup that has been in an accident is parked at the end of driveway – has been there since early yesterday. Vehicle appears undriveable. Window is broken & ignition has been damaged. Tow assigned, ETA 20 – 25 minutes.

Nov. 29: 12:21 p.m: Weapon - Shots Fired. 37100 block, Boiler Creek Rd. Complainant can hear subjects directly across the street, shooting. It is private property & caller thinks it is posted no hunting, no shooting. They have been out for about an hour. They are close enough caller can hear their voices – not yelling, talking. Checking with OSP for cover. OSP en route.

Nov. 29: 1:41 p.m: Motor Vehicle Accident - Unknown Injury. Camp Creek Rd. & McK. Hwy. Involved are a blue VW sedan & a black Nissan pickup. Both drivers are male, out of their vehicles. No injuries, they were able to get their vehicles moved.

Nov. 29: 6:43 p.m: Missing – Overdue Subject. Shotgun Creek Rd. & Crooked Creek Rd. 3 dirt bike riders went out from the staging area at 15:30 & have not returned. Involved 15, 19 & 25 year old males have not returned – were supposed to be gone for an hour. None had headlights. Complainant is in a friend’s truck. They have driven up & down the main roads & can’t find them. 19:02: 3 riders just showed up. They are Code 4.

Nov. 29: 7:39 p.m: Welfare Check. 54400 block, McK. Hwy. Music is blasting, lights are off. Caller advises no response to pounding on door, is concerned about subject’s welfare. Caller will keep knocking every 30 minutes. Subject is on the phone – did not want to open the door. She has turned down the music & gone to bed.

Nov. 30: 12:34 a.m: Assist – Death Message. 89900 block, Hill Rd.

Nov. 30: 8:53 a.m: Assist – Follow Up. 42700 block, McK. Hwy.

Nov. 30: 11:09 a.m: Vandalism - Criminal Mischief. 54400 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant reports between 22:30 – 23:30 someone threw a rock & hit the window of her trailer.

Nov. 30: 12:51 p.m: Family – Custodial Interference. 36300 block, Sherra Ln.

Nov. 30: 12:56 p.m: Traffic - Disabled Vehicle. Dollar Rd. & Shotgun Creek Rd.

Nov. 30: 5:45 p.m: Traffic - Disabled Vehicle. Marcola Rd. & Alder Branch Rd.

Dec. 1: 6:45 a.m: Suspicious Vehicle. 93000 block, Marcola Rd. Complainant advises there is a car parked in front of his neighbor’s driveway, blocking it. A male is inside, advised his battery died, has been there all night, has not called anyone to assist. Complainant told him she is calling the police, is afraid to leave her house. 10:14: Homeowner is attempting to jump start the vehicle. It is off the fog line.

Dec. 1: 7:02 a.m: Vandalism - Criminal Mischief. 54400 block, McK. Hwy.

Dec. 1: 8:30 a.m: Motor Vehicle Accident - Non-injury. Marcola Rd. & Pico St. School bus vs. vehicle – no children involved. Non-injury, per fire. Vehicle will need a tow. The bus is no longer on the scene.

Dec. 1: 10:19 a.m: Traffic – Hit & Run. 44800 block, McK. Hwy. Advised vehicle was hit sometime last night.

Dec. 1: 2:52 p.m: Property - Recover Stolen Vehicle. 39300 block, Deerhorn Rd. Complainant, leaving his residence, found a beige Hyundai Elantra left at location. The vehicle has been gone through & trash dumped around it. Vehicle was given to his son. Springfield PD confirms they are in the process of taking an UUV report, not yet “signed stolen.” 17:08: Tow on scene.

Dec. 1: 3:27 p.m: Burglary. 45600 block, N. Gate Creek Rd.   Complainant says every time she leaves the house someone breaks in.

Dec. 1: 6:57 p.m: Property - Recover Stolen Vehicle. 39800 block, Howard Rd. Involved is a dark green Plymouth Voyager, last seen Friday. Caller advises the keys were in it & ¼ tank of gas. 19:33: Caller says a friend borrowed it & she doesn’t know the exact location of the vehicle but wants to cancel report.

Dec. 2: 5:38 a.m: Motor Vehicle Accident - Unknown Injury. Sunderman Rd. & Marcola Rd. One person climbed out of the truck, told caller he was OK.

Dec. 2: 7:25 a.m: Vandalism - Criminal Mischief. 56200 block, E. King Rd. Unknown subjects shot complainant’s mailbox.

Dec. 2: 2:02 p.m: Disturbance – Disorderly Juvenile. 37700 block, Upper Camp Creek Rd. School is on modified lock down – students are being escorted out the back door to buses. A student is in the gym armed with a large stick – very dangerous. 3 instructors are with him. Student has attempted to attack them, keeping distance. 14:51: Student is “de-escalating,” mother is on the scene. School doesn’t want to press charges.

Dec. 2: 3:02 p.m: Theft. 39200 block, McK. Hwy. Complainant advises meds have been disappearing on a regular basis.

Dec. 2: 3:10 p.m: Trespassing - Criminal Trespass. 37100 block, Tree Farm Rd. A trespasser is on the property screaming & yelling at everyone. He refuses to leave. 16:54: No assault, just verbal Subject is out in the road.

Dec. 2: 5:08 p.m: Threat – Harassment. 8500 block, Thurston Rd. Daughter of neighbor came to caller’s front porch & told her that they have guns at the house & if the complainant & the neighbor ever got in another argument the caller should watch it. Recently the neighbor has been blowing their leaves on the complainant. Complainant is elderly & has to pay people to come clean up the leaves. In a dispute at about 16:30 the neighbor was yelling & screaming, made a gun motion with her hand at the caller.

Dec. 2: 6:56 p.m: Vandalism - Criminal Mischief. 54400 block, McK. Hwy.

Dec. 3: 7:00 a.m: Threat. 54400 block, McK. Hwy.

Dec. 3: 10:15 a.m: Traffic - Truck Inspection. 100 block, Marcola Rd. Milepost 4.

Dec. 3: 12:31 p.m: Unknown – Medical Info Call. 7000 block, Thurston Rd.

Dec. 3: 1:38 p.m: Vehicle Stop. 90300 block, Sunderman Rd.

Dec. 3: 7:37 p.m: Fraud. 87800 block, Cedar Flat Rd. Unknown subject opened an account for water & power in complainant’s name.

Dec. 4: 4:06 pm: Incomplete 911 Call. 56300 block, Delta Dr. Subject answered phone on call back & advised she was trying to call long distance & must have made a mistake. All is C4.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office