MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Oregon (STPNS) -- Nov. 20: 11:50 am: Traffic - Hit & Run. 39000 block, McKenzie Hwy. Driver’s side door damage, no obvious paint transfer.

Nov. 20: 12:24 pm: Traffic - Hit & Run. 90000 block, Sunderman Rd. Complainant observed a black 4 dr. Nissan or similar take out his mailbox & continue northbound. Unknown how many subjects were in the vehicle. Subjects were speeding. Caller believes it was “kids that live up Tree Farm.”

Nov. 20: 7:24 pm: Suspicious Vehicle - Hileman Rd. & Marcola Rd. Complainant advises vehicle has been parked in a strange spot most of the day.

Nov. 21: 9:32 am: Traffic – Truck Inspection. 100 block, Marcola Rd. Milepost 04.

Nov. 21: 8:59 pm: Unknown Problem – Brush Creek Rd. & Marcola Rd. Complainant got a call from her daughter – said “It was so scary, Mom” & “Someone is dead” & that there is a vehicle upside down. 21:02: Linn County is responding to MVA on Brush Creek.

Nov. 21: 11:07 pm: Traffic – Tree Down. 55000 block, McKenzie River Dr.

Nov. 22: 9:40 am: Burglary - 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd. Caller said she sat across the street & watched subject go into her residence & steal her blood pressure meds & a bunch of glassware. Subject is the daughter of a neighbor.

Nov. 22: 3:33 pm: Suspicious Conditions - 36000 block, McGowan Creek Rd. Report of a male subject with a sleeping bag, money bag, hiding behind a tree up a trail. 16:15: Deputy has located sleeping bag & hospital items, no money bag yet. Negative on person.

Nov. 22: 3:53 pm: Check Welfare - Marcola Rd. & Lisa Ct. Complainant saw female subject walking southbound, whole side of her face was bruised – looked like she had been assaulted. Caller was not able to stop. When complainant drove by she squatted down.

Nov. 22: 4:39 pm: Weapon – Armed Subject. 38000 block, Shotgun Creek Rd. Caller saw a male subject walking quickly eastbound with a pistol in his hand. Involved was wearing black jacket, blue jeans, orange T-shirt, has short dark hair. Pistol is similar to Colt .45. 16:48: Patrolled 2 miles both ways – unable to locate.

Nov. 22: 6:07 pm: Traffic – Towed Vehicle. Marcola Rd. & Savage St.

Nov. 22: 6:41 pm: Alarm, Audible. 38000 block, Boscage Ln.

Nov. 22: 8:26 pm: Unknown Problem - 91000 block, Mill Creek Rd. Caller advised she picked up her brother. He had either been in an accident or been hit by a car – may have had a seizure & stopped breathing. 20:26: Medics en route. 20:30: OSP out with this.

Nov. 23: 12:06 pm: Civil Service. 90000 block, Marcola Rd.

Nov. 23: 2:37 pm: Disturbance – Disorderly Subject. 39000 block, McK. Hwy. Female in 50’s came into shop & told caller she needed to get to the Post Office, then rambled on about needing to get up to Belknap/Blue River area – appears mental or high. Female was wearing green shirt, jeans, long knotted shirt & walking a bike. 14:50: Female is currently in front of the Post Office, has removed her shoes. OSP putting in call for backup.

Nov. 23: 4:42 pm: Burglary - 45000 block, N. Gate Creek Rd.

Nov. 24: 10:57 am: Disturbance - Dispute. 91000 block, Leavitt Ln. Neighbor threatened to put a gun to caller’s husband’s head. Caller didn’t see a gun. Caller is putting up a fence, property touches neighbor’s in one section.

Nov. 24: 7:14 pm: Criminal Trespass. 37000 block, Marantha Ln. Possible burglary in progress, neighbor is not home & a vehicle pulled up to the house. No one should be at location.

Nov. 25: 12:47 am: Welfare - Incomplete 911 Call. 51000 block, Blue River Dr.

Nov. 25: 11:02 am: Burglary 2 - Theft. 9000 block, McKenzie Hwy. Wire was stripped off/in buildings – hundreds of feet to control boxes & barns, controls lights & plug ins. Involved is copper wire. Value: $2,000 - $3,000.

Nov. 25: 11:15 am: Found Property. 88000 block, Whitsell Ln. Plumber was just under complainant’s house & observed a 66 qt. bin – took it out from under the house & discovered it is full of drugs – several hundred bottles of injectable drugs, some packaged & in plastic bags. Per caller “looks like a pharmacy.”

Nov. 25: 12:21 pm: Traffic – Truck Inspection. 100 block, Marcola Rd. Mp. 04.

Nov. 25: 1:13 pm: Welfare - Incomplete 911 Call. 37000 block, Upper Camp Creek Rd.

Nov. 25: 6:11 pm: Assist OSP. 39000 block, Deerhorn Rd.

Nov. 26: 8:40 am: Assist – Follow Up. 42000 block, McKenzie Hwy.

Nov. 26: 11:45 am: Fraud. 45000 block, McK. Hwy. Caller advises a fraudulent check was cashed on her checking account.,

Nov. 26: 12:19 pm: Assist Outside Agency. Hwy. 126 & 73rd. St. Complainant advises there is a male in the area who is moving around & hiding in different areas, possibly smoking something from a pipe. When they came home he jumped out of a ditch at their driveway & ran off. He was last seen hiding behind a fence & the playground area of the school. Subject was last seen wearing a dark colored jacket & jeans.

Nov. 26: 5:24 pm: Welfare - Incomplete 911 Call. 88600 block, Ermi Bee Rd.

Nov. 26: 8:47 pm: Suspicious Subject. 92000 block, School House St.

Nov. 27: 11:40 am: Vehicle Stop. Hill Rd. & Old Mohawk Rd.

Comments as reported may not be complete or accurate. If further information is required contact the Lane County Sheriffs Office.