WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Getting out fished . . .

     Over Labor Day weekend Best Friend and I met our kids and some of the grandkids at Camp

Cuyuna for some fun and fishing. The weather was perfect aside from a little rain during the night on Friday. Prior to that, that area had a fairly significant amount of rain, but the soil is very sandy so it runs off quite quickly.

    Other than relaxing and bumming around the main focus for the trip, at least for the grandkids, is fishing and playing in the water.

    For me it is not so  much about fishing, as it used to be, but I still enjoy wetting a line now and then.  The lake we are on is not a big lake,  but it is fairly deep at around 29 feet, perfect for fishing. It has a fair amount of pan fish, northern and Large Mouth Bass. We always try to get  enough fish for a big fish fry on Saturday night, along with some to  take home  for those that wish to.

    Aside from a good supply of pan fish, and Northerns, there is an abundance of  Bass in the lake.

One  of my favorite fish to catch is Bass. The Bass seemed to be biting very well with even the youngest grandson catching a couple of nice ones. Not so for this Tom Cat, I went out two or three times, mostly trying to catch a decent bass, but no matter what I tried it was an empty net for me. All of the guys, both young and old, caught their share of bass and some of them were in the 16 to 19 inch range.

    In the past I have caught several in that range, and I was  having some strikes, but couldn’t seem to get a good hook set. Later that evening I was talking with my oldest great grandson Evan and asked him how he hooked his wacky worms. He said he hooked perpendicular. The Aha Moment! I was trying something different with mine and was hooking  parallel to the worm. It  made sense, but I didn’t get back out to try it.

    Well we will be going up to Detroit Lakes for a family reunion next week and I should be able to change my technique and perhaps boat at least a couple of bass.

    I did do pretty good one afternoon with my son Joe. We decided to troll for northerns, and in less than an hour we caught and released about a dozen or so. They were not very big but it was fun catching them.

    On the way in we went past my 10 year old grandson, David, who was fishing on a paddle board. We were about 50 yards from him when he excitedly started yelling at us — “Grandpa, Uncle Joe,  I got a big fish.” We could see it and thought it was a bass but when  we got closer we could see it actually was a Crappie. We told him not to move, we got along side of him and I got the net under it. When we got it into the boat we measured it at fifteen and half inches. That is a really nice Crappie! That is one fish that will be hanging on the wall!

    At any rate it was a terrific weekend for the Merchants.

Have a great week and do good!