Augusta Granville -Polly's High Society Aunt, Jordyn Berg

    Buck Wayne – A Handsome, Rich, Young Pilot, Daniel DeSmith

    Cheater Hayes – A Brewery Street Gang Mobster, Ian Mackie

    Duchess of Milford – A High Society Con Artist, Emily Onken

    Duke of Milford - A High Society Con Artist, Joel Byers

    Everly Sister Lydia, Samantha Ward

    Everly Sister Roberta, Jaden Olson

    Everly Sister Wanda, Heidi Imker

    Friends of Polly – Bunny, Heidi Imker

    Friends of Polly  - Daisy, Elizabeth Wiggins

    Friends of Polly  - Jimmy,  Elijah Merrick

    Friends of Polly  - Tommy,  Jonathon Kleeberger

    Friends of Polly  -Tweedle, Jaden Olson

    Friends of Polly  -Winnie, Houa Yang

    Lenny Knickerbocker – A Determined Flag Pole Sitter, Orion Knakmuhs

    Lieutenant Fluke – A Aggressive Police Lieutenant, Orion Knakmuhs

    Margaret – An Aristocrat Maid at Granville Estate, Miranda Ankrum

    Miss Morris – Mr. Flo Ziegfield’s Assistant, Addy Beaty

    Mona Schlumpgarden – A Tough as Nails Nite Club Owner, Mariah Soleta

    Monica Woodsquirrel – A Radio Personality, Addy Beaty

    Muggs O'Toole - A Brewery Street Gang Mobster,  Abraham Her

    Newsboy & Photographer #1, Elijah Merrick

    Newsboy & Photographer #2,  Brady Ross

    Newsboy & Photographer #3, Zach Knudson

    Polly – A High Spirited Flapper, Theresa Merrick

    Susan Stuyvesant-Fish – A Jealous Debutante,  Hanna Kleeburger

    Ted Loveland – A Radio Personality, Matthew Burns

    Trixie - Night Club Entertainer,  Kenzie Weis

    Ziegfield Girl 1, Heidi Imker

    Ziegfield Girl 2, Elizabeth Wiggins

    Ziegfield Girl 3, Sophia Swanson

    Ziegfield Girl 4, Jaden Olson

    Ziegfield Girl 5, Miranda Ankrum

    Tech Crew, Ben Larsen

    Tech Crew, Anna Lee