WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Wwg — Elementary Principal Paul Olson talked to the board about some proposed changes in the bus policy. Olson told the board there had been a recent incident where a child had been dropped off at the wrong parent or guardians home. He said he personally has apologized to the persons affected.

    He then noted he would like to see the following changes made in the bus policy. The first item on his list was that all parents must call the office to give changes for their child’s pickup or delivery point.

    He told the board that email or texts are not a good way to do this, as he normally only checks his email first thing in the morning, but often doesn’t get to check it until later in the day. From eight until three there is always someone in the office to take calls.

    Second he will have preschool parent meeting two weeks earlier than we now do. There will be a specific bus sheet for all parents to fill  out so we know addresses, phone numbers, etc. of day cares, and any  other place a student may go when parents call in to tell us. Third we will have a preschool staff member on each bus the first two weeks of school during the town portion of each bus route. This will be formalized at the next school board meeting.

    Tasha Nelson Elementary and High School Band reported on her first two weeks of school. She told the board all of the fifth grade students are enrolled in the band, and almost all of the sixth grade students are taking part in the sixth grade band. She said for the most part things are going very well.

    Principal Paul Olson told the board they are going to have to have some additional hours for band lessons, as Ms. Nelson cannot fit all the lessons in her schedule. Last year they had a person come in to help with the lessons. Olson says they would need a person  on Monday mornings to fill that gap. He noted he has a person willing to come  in to teach lessons on Monday.

    Tina Richards says the shorter class periods make it harder to get everything done by the time they get things out and then put away at the end of the period. She is teaching classes in clay,  photography, painting and desktop publishing in the computer lab. She noted overall things are going quite well despite the shorter periods.

    Principal Loy Woelber spoke on Athletic Director Leo Theisen.  He said we are  off to a good start in sports the girls volleyball is at about 500 and the football team is 3-0 so far.  Woelber then mentioned about doing something  to help the Hills Beaver Creek Bass family who’s son suffered a broken neck in a recent game. While at the RTR WWG game last week they passed the hat with a free will offering to help the family with medical expenses. Woelber suggested doing something at the next home volleyball match. Kerry Knakmuhs suggested  they do the same thing as the RTR people had done at their last football game.

    Paul Olson noted they had 47 kids sign up for the pre-school screening event, noting that is the most kids they have ever had for it.

    Olson said the fourth and  fifth grade students went on a field trip to New Ulm last week to participate in a documentary on Naturalist Ron Bouldan by a Public Television Crew.

    Woelber talked about the lots between the two schools in Westbrook. He is doing what he can to get them sold.

    He said two of the vans we  have will go out of service soon. One will go out in December and the other will expire in March. He noted there are two spare vans in Walnut Grove and the newer van recently purchased in Westbrook.

    He said he will  be participating in the south collaborative tomorrow on Google Share.

Woelber has been chosen to serve on the board of Professional Educator Standards Licensing Board. He hopes this board will be able  to resolve some of the licensing issues facing the state.

    Maydra Maas and James Kleven attended the MSBA board meeting recently. They thought the attendance was down quite a bit, they also felt the presenters went over a lot of things that they were not able to see ahead of time.

    The board approved the preliminary School levy for the maximum amount of $590,179.34 which is an increase of $47,824.57 from the prior year an increase of eight percent.

    The board also approved four hours a week for band lesson time for 2017-2018.

    The board approved the hiring of Lisa Zimmer as a Para, and Gary Christianson.