WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --         Well guess what, it is now unofficially the middle of summer, everything is growing like weeds, especially the weeds! On the other hand crops seem to be catching up with the somewhat slow and wet spring, corn is as high as a Rhinoceros eye, and flowers are blooming like crazy.

    The sad part of this is itís half over, or if you prefer half left, sort of like the glass being half empty or half full, or itís six of one or half a dozen of the other.

    At any rate in a few weeks families will be shopping for school supplies, and  new school clothes. I heard that the average amount spent for outfitting one child for school is around $500. Of course if you can use hand me downs it could cut that cost at half that amount. Then on the other hand if you have a growing teen, the costs may easily double that amount. Size 13 or larger tennis shoes get really spendy, and somewhat hard to find.

    When Best Friend and I were shopping for our son with size 13 tennis shoes the closest place we could find was at Sheels in Mankato,  and then a very sparse selection. I donít recall how much they were, but they were at least half again as high as the same shoe in smaller size. That was over 20 years ago, so I imagine the prices have not come down since then, and actually are probably at least double.

    Then there is the Vikings training camp which will  be starting later this month, and a few short weeks later volleyball practice and football practice will get under way for the Chargers. Then the next thing you know the State Fair and Labor Day will be upon us. Then after that school will start and we start the whole thing all over again. For most people their year starts January first, for me it starts the first week of September.

     At this point all I can say is if you like summer as much as I do, make the most of it, get outside and do some fishing, hiking, bike riding, gardening, barbecuing, (I do that one all year around),  canoeing,  swimming, travelling or whatever you canít do  in  the middle of winter!


Have a great week and do good!

P.S. I see they finally found Kellyanne Conway .  . . but now it seems Shaun Spicer has slipped out of the lime light.  Although in fairness I understand he is doing a fill in job of some sort for the administration. It seems that being a spokes-person for the Trump administration is somewhat of a revolving door position!