WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- By Tom Merchant

Sentinel Tribune

    Westbrook   Mayor Dennis Phelps brought up the question about people carrying fire arms on city property. The council discussed the question and determined that a policy should be written to cover  that question. The new policy will ban all firearms in or on city buildings, parks or  any public property within the city limits of Westbrook. The council approved the action.

    Last month the council voted to sell three abandoned vehicles that have been in the city impound lot. The vehicles were  two Ford Tauruses, and a Mitzibishi Eclipse. Dave Stenzel submitted a bid of $350 for the Eclipse, and $150 for one of the Tauruses. Mike Peschges submitted a bid of $600 for the other Taurus. The council voted to  accept all three bids.

    Police chief Alan Wahl told the council that he would like to have someone in charge of the beer sales at Fun Days to hire someone to guard the vending trailers during the night. He noted that he ended up guarding the trailers himself, and said it made for a very long day for him. The council discussed talking to Judy Schoborg at the VFW, as they handle the beer sales for the dance and Kourage concert.

    City street supervisor Carl Conrad told the council the heater for the pool has been ordered and will be installed after the swimming season.  New drain covers have been ordered for  both pools. The council approved both items. Conrad says that city street crack filling will  be done this fall.

    Two property parcels within the city limits will be going  up for tax foreclosure. The old gas station on the corner of Highway 30 and County Road 7 owned by Brett Hegstad, and a property on First Avenue and Eighth Street owned by JR Nerio Anistacio. The council voted to waive the 60 day waiting period for disposal of the property.

    There has been some interest in the Anistacio property which has sizeable tax assessments against it. The council could remove any or all assessments at their discretion. However City Clerk Katie Steen recommended that they not remove the curb and gutter and street assessment.

    The council adopted a policy to recognize employees for work milestones, gifts, and plaques. The policy does not include Fire Department and Ambulance Association.

    The council discussed replacing the commercial refrigerator at the community center. The least expensive unit costs $1,100. Other units were anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500. The council voted to replace the unit with the $1,100 commercial unit.

    The council received a donation from the Fire Department of $7,000, which the city returned to the departments Fire Relief Fund.

    Four building permits were approved by the council.

     Dan Joel to build a deck on his home on Birch Avenue.

     Steve Jaycox to build a deck on his home on Cedar Avenue.

     Paul Glaser to build a deck and replace his driveway with pavers on Davis Avenue.

     Warren Riddell to move in a 43 by 36 building on his property on First Avenue.

June Police Report:

    One funeral escort; one warrant served; four air ambulance assists; two  tickets issued; two juvenile run-aways.