WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook —  When work was being done preparing the pool for the season, it was discovered that the pool heaters needed new heating tubes.  The tubes cost $1,500 each. Both heaters are running, but one of the heaters will have to be replaced. The replacement of a new heater could probably be delayed until next year. According to City Clerk Katie Steen a new replacement heater could cost between $5,000 and $10,000. She is checking with different places to see where the best deal can  be found.

    Steen said the new pool furniture is in place and there have been several compliments on them. Also the play house in the kiddie pool has been popular with moms with small children.

    She says they continue to get donations from individuals, businesses, and area organizations. Mayor Dennis Phelps commented that it is good to receive these donations, as the pool comes up short on revenue $5,000 to $8,000 or more per year.  

    City Street Supervisor Carl Conrad told the council installation of park benches, and pool preparation has been completed. He also noted the branch pickup and city wide large item pickup has been done. One of the refrigerators in the community center was not working, and it is being repaired.

    The council discussed disposal of three impound vehicles, a Ford Van, Ford Taurus, and a Mitsibushi Eclipse. It was decided to advertise for bids for the three vehicles which will be sold as is. Known problems will be disclosed by the seller, however, as is, with any used vehicle, there is no expressed warranty, and are sold as is.

    The fire department  requested to have two more members added to their roster. The new members are Mitchell Jarmer, and Tristan Joel. However the department’s bylaws only allowed for a maximum  of 25 people on the roster, and this would put the department at 26 members. So the council approved changing the number of fire fighters from 25 to 30 members. They also approved the two new members.

    An additional $100 was approved for the land owners who had crop damage from the recent sewer project done by the city last year.

    Clerk Steen says they now have 12 lifeguards at the pool as all six of the new guards passed their Red Cross training.

    The city received Fire Department Relief donations, $500 for the canopy on the rear of the city library, two $1,000 donations for pool furniture.

    VFW manager Judy Schoborg had mentioned to the mayor that the council would have to pass a motion if they wanted to extend the off sale Sunday liquor sales in the city. The council passed a motion to extend off sale liquor in the city.

    The new police squad has been delivered and is currently having the mobile equipment installed along with decaling the exterior.

    The following building permits were approved:

    • Cassie Dieter for a deck and garden shed at her residence on Fourth Street.

    • Janice Norstegaard for a deck at her residence on Birch Avenue.

    • Mary Ann Williams for a fence on her property on First Avenue.

    • Merle Thiner to build a double garage, patio and demo a small house on the west side of  property on Bell  Avenue.

    • Char Cooley to add a sidewalk and drive way on her property on Birch Avenue.