WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --

    WWg — Superintendent Loy Woelber presented the proposed capital outlay budget for 2018 the requests topped $307,000. That was a fairly hefty increase. The requests from the  elementary was $42,700 and the secondary came in at $43,400. Woelber said he felt these requests were not at all extravagant. They included technology supplies of $7,000 and $12,000 for technology hardware.

    The biggest portion of the budget came in  building and grounds where the requests were $118,000. This included a new front entrance to the high school for $13,000; $20,000 for a new phone/PA system in the elementary school; a replacement district van $15,000; remodel of lease space at the elementary campus $15,000; install set of 7  security cameras in elementary $7,500; new mower at Wesbrook $8,500; district wide roof repair $28,000; athletics $21,000; deferred maintenance $30,000.

    When the vote came for approval it was discussed that some of the items could easily be delayed for another budget year. Kerry Knakmuhs suggested in light of a looming overall budget shortfall, they put a cap of $280,000 on the budget. The board passed the budget with the spending cap of $280,000.

    Senior Emma Woelber gave a report on the recent senior class trip.

    She  told the board 27 of 37 seniors attended the trip.

    The first part of the trip was in Washington D.C. She says the class was able to see the White House but were unable to go through it. She said they visited several monuments and memorials. They visited the Martin Luther  King Memorial, the Vietnam and Korean Memorials. They were able to see the changing  of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery.

    They then travelled to New York City where they took  in Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the 911 Memorial, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Central Park and Times Square and Radio City Music Hall. Woelber said the 911 memorial and museum was the most impressive, it had a lot of detail about the attack. They also visited the Top of the  Rock, and went to the broadway show Alladin.

    She said the weather was perfect the whole time on the trip and their tour guide was really great.

    We really got to know our classmates. She commented that she would have liked spending more time in Washington D.C. and less in New York. After they returned they talked with the sophomore and junior class.

    Social studies teacher Emily Schoephoerster talked about her use of  Google Classroom. She uses the program to teach four of her classes on line. One of those classes is called Human Geography — the students can do their lessons on it, grade it, and give feedback on their work.

    Another program she uses is called Quizlet — it is similar to flash cards — students work together in teams, it makes them very competitive about their learning skills.

    In geography and social studies they can bring up maps and can analyze different things like distances between different cities. There are story maps that tell demographic information about cities and countries.

    She says they also have hard copy assignments available for kids that don’t have online access at home.

    Athletic director Leo Theisen told the board he had returned from a representative meeting at the State High School League. He said the board he is on voted to allow baseball pitchers to have an extra week to throw for arm safety. They also allowed more wrestling matches, but took two regular season matches away. This will allow wrestlers to compete in more tournaments, by allowing extra matches players will not reach their maximum before the end of the regular season.

    Theisen said he picked up the scoreboard for the baseball field, it just needs to be installed.

    Principal  Woelber gave his report, noting that he is nearing the end of the Board of Teaching, it will be moving forward with a new licensing procedure for teachers. “It is going to have to change,” he said.

    He talked about upgrading technology at the elementary and high school. In the elementary, smart board projectors and chrome books are needed.

    Emily Schoephoerster could use chromebooks throughout the day in her classes. But the high school could use another lap top cart. Woelber said “We need to keep a level of 10 to 12 thousand dollars for each school for technology up-grades.”

    Woelber says he has started pre registration for next year — just trying to get an idea of what kids want to take. He wants to take a look at guided study time, feed back he is getting indicates it is not always working well.

    Woelber talked about a recent Education Foundation meeting, he noted the Foundation received a $37,000 gift. They also had a request from Principal Paul Olson to help fund the art program being run by Ed Fornberg in the elementary school. $10,000 was granted for the art program. Mr. Olson is also applying for a $5,000 matching funds grant from the Remmick Foundation of Windom.

    Woelber talked about the  up-coming Medal of Honor Character Building Program for teachers which will be held June 1 at the Westbrook Community Center. Medal of Honor recipient Thomas Kelly will be at the event. On Wednesday May 31, Kelly will be at a meet and greet event which will be held in both communities.

    The auditors have asked to have the graduating classes decide right away what they want to do with any funds left in their account. The  board voted to allow the kids to designate where they funds should go as a specific project or let the school board decide what to do with it.

    Action was taken on the following items:

    • The board approved signing of diplomas for the class of 2017.

    • Health insurance bids were opened and the board approve going with PEIP insurance for 17-18 and 18-19  school year.

    • The board approved using on line Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 for next year.

    • The board accepted the resignation of Sally Oltmanns at the end of the school year.

    • The board approved maternity leave for Stephanie Doubler for the first semester of 2017-18 school year.

    • Approved the Mission and Vision Statement. May board meeting for the action plan.