WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWg ó  Recently the elementary school used a novel way to promote bicycle safety. In the past a bicycle rodeo was held with safety checks of the kids bicycles by the Walnut Grove Police Department.  This year the school used their Family Day program to give students a broader look at bicycle safety.

    The family groups moved between six stations including two obstacle  courses.  One obstacle course was in the large gym which was lead by Mr.  Kletscher and Mr. Jenniges. Mr.  LeBoutillier lead the other obstacle course outdoors on the tennis court.

    There were also four classrooms with focus on different bicycle safety themes.  In Mrs.  Sonsallaís band room, Police Chief Mike Zeug lead the group, teaching dealing with road rage, theft prevention, dealing with dogs, what to do  if there is a crash, and rules of the road.

    In Mrs. Pabstís room students learned tips for buying a bicycle, proper bike fit, tips for fitting a bike helmet, fixing a flat tire, and rules for bike paths and trails.

    In the lunch room Courtney Locke showed DVDís on Bike Safety.

    In Mrs. Quade's room students learned about dangerous behavior, hand signals, danger of riding on  sidewalks, bicycle road markings and signs, and night riding rules and tips.

    At the end of the day students and staff were treated to ice cream, a reward for a job well done by students  and staff.