WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --         WWG — Thirty seven seniors will conclude a 13 year journey  of formal  education, and will go out into the world to meet new challenges in their life pursuits.  As  they leave as high school graduates, their paths will lead each of them in different directions as they pursue adventures that are  called life in the real world.

    Some will pursue  higher education of four years or more, while others  will attend community colleges where they will learn practical skills. Others will go straight into the work force — in agriculture or other pursuits, and others will serve their country in the military.                 No matter what their ambitions, it will be a day of great joy and sadness knowing that for some it may be the last time they might see each other again.

    Commencement ceremonies will begin in the high school gymnasium at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, May 28.

    The prelude will be performed by Jacob Kleven and Joel Byers.    

    The seniors will march in two by two to the strains of Ployhar & Elgar’s Fanfare and Processional played by the WWG band. The band will then play the National Anthem. Following that the band will play the school song, Go U Northwestern.

    Next on the program is the senior slide show produced by the senior class.

    Senior speakers, Pahnia Vue and Mason Garbe,  will represent their class with reflections from the past 13 years .

    A vocal ensemble by the Dynamic Sound Fly Away Home will be sung under the direction of Mr. Luke Nelson.

    Following that the vocal number See You Again will be performed by the high school choir under the direction of Mr. Luke Nelson. It will be followed by the high school band performing Medley from Schreck directed by Mrs. Crystal Sonsalla.

    Superintendent/Principal Loy Woelber will then introduce the High Honor students.

    Mr. Loy Woelber will introduce the commencement speaker,  teacher Patrick Merrick.

    After the commencement address Mr. Woelber will present the graduating class. School board chairperson, Maydra Maas, will present diploma’s to the graduating class.

    The class will then file out of the gymnasium to the strains of Fanfare and Recessional. A reception line will be formed outside the school, weather permitting.