WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG — Last Saturday morning the WWG theater department took their show on the road to compete in the sub-district One Act Play competition at Redwood Falls. It has been some time since the group has won top honors in the competition, but this year the WWG Thespians walked away with first place and a trip back to perform their play, “Cage Match: Love is just a Word.”

    The play written by Jeri Singe is a short story about Sophie, a young woman who has hallucinations and how she slowly finds her way after she meets Austin, an autistic young man. Mental challenges impact all families to some degree. The story looks at the many ways used to work and to adjust to the special needs of these young people.

    The play is an adaptation of the full-length play between young people and the barriers they face in communicating and understanding themselves. May Daily, the mother of one of the young persons says “it would be so much easier if it were a broken arm.”

    The therapy approaches are real, though sometimes are exaggerated as seen by the young  patients. Real and  compassionate love is a thread that is woven through the play. At times the thread becomes broken and twisted as beams of energy that connects Sophie to the earth. The play sends a message that love can be found in many forms and gives hope to strengthen the characters within the realm of the play.

    The One Act Play is directed by Erin Richards, Julie Danielowski and Bill  Richards.

    There will  be a special encore presentation of “Cage Match; Love is Just a Word,” for the public at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday at the Peterson Auditorium in Westbrook.             Admission is Free.