WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook  ó Quick action by a couple of people probably saved the city hall from possibly being a total loss to a couple of thousand dollars in damage. However the loss could be higher, because most of the bills have been turned into the insurance company.

    About three weeks ago Wednesday Diamond Barber was working in the library late in the afternoon. She says that she had smelled smoke a couple of times,  but only when someone would open the door. So she thought perhaps it was coming from outdoors. At about a quarter to six, just before closing time, Doug Kleeburger and his kids came into the library and told her that he smelled smoke. Barber said she had smelled it before, but thought it was coming from outside.

    Kleeburger then told her that he thought it was inside. He also told her it might have been coming from the exit sign, but then after investigating further Kleeburger saw smoke coming  from the council room. He told her to call 911 and get him a fire extinguisher. He was able to control the fire  but not completely extinguish it.

    About that time Dan Joel arrived at the scene after getting a page while at Maynardís Grocery store. He then grabbed another extinguisher and was able to get the fire out.

    It was just lucky that the fire  had not started a half hour later after the building was closed for the day.

    The fire damaged the top of the council table and destroyed several chairs along with smoke and water damage. Except for minor soot dammage the fire was contained to the council room.