WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --         westbrook — Shelly Eldridge of Ehlers Public Financial talked to the council about restructuring the city bonds for the 2010 street project. Eldrige told the council there are several options the city could choose to restructure the existing par amount of bonds that is at $1.240,000.00.  

    Currently Minnesota has some of the lowest rates it has had in recent years. The bond average for the past two years has shown a trend downward from 4.7 percent to the current rate of 3.6 percent.

     The current bonds will go until 2031. In 2020 Westbrook can take advantage, locking in  interest rates at about 2 percent, and set a new call rate  of  5 to 7 years. If the council decides to refinance, the rate would get locked in until the new call date of the bond. This would yield a savings of $119,000.00 over the life of the bonds after refinance fees.

    Eldrige told the council if they wished to do  this they would have to close in early December. Otherwise they could wait until after the first of the year to do it.

    The council will study their options and make a decision on how they want to proceed.

    Librarian Kari Ourada gave her annual usage report on the library.

    She said users are up from 1145 to 1192 and library visits are up by 500 at 8,987. Computer usage was down from 2015. The  total circulation for  2015 was 15,970 items down from 18,464. They had 31 programs with a total attendance of 598 people.

    The Lego project was completed when they received an old planter divider and converted it into a Lego play station with Tom Tighe supplying the time and talent to  put  it together. They received a $350 grant from Sammie and a grant from Thrivent which Manda Jorgenson applied for. Most of the money was used to purchase more Legos and Duplos.

    During  the summer, 5 weekly story hour programs were held along with 6 make and take craft days.

    This month they hosted “Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder” at the Wilder Museum, Walnut Grove October 9. It will also be at the high school on October 24. A Traveling Trunk Show was held at the elementary school in Walnut Grove October 11. A teen book to movie marathon will be held at the library and council room on Thursday, October 20. Read for the Record will be held on October 27 at the library. On Thursday, November 3 Senior Linkage with Medicare part D will be held for those needing advice on Medicare Part D.

    The annual library book sale will  be held in the council room from November  8-18.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad reported city branch pick will be Monday, October 17. Have branches piled in lengths no longer than 6 feet, and parallel to the curb.

    Adding rip rap at the lagoons is continuing.

    There are some issues with the new sewer liner. City Clerk Katie Steen said they are withholding a portion of the funds for the job until these issues are taken care of.

    The council approved licenses for 2017. On Sale liquor licenses were granted to Bonnie and Clydes 2, and the VFW Club at $1,200 each. Off Sale license at $100 and Sunday Intoxicating Liquor license $100 were granted to both establishments. Cigarette licenses were granted to Maynards  Grocery and ExpressWay.

Games of Skill ($15.00 per game) was granted  to the VFW Club.

    The council approved the purchase of a rescue tri-pod to be used for grain bin rescues for the fire department.

    A winter snow agreement with Cottonwood  County was approved for the city to handle winter maintenance of First Avenue for $1,200.

    Woodstock Communications was given an easement by the city for installation of a fiber optic line to Sanford Westbrook Health Center.

    The VFW and Veterans Memorial Committee was granted an exempt permit to hold a fund raising raffle.

    The following people were issued building permits: Todd Dibble to build a fence on his property on Adams Avenue; Wayne Mischke to move in a storage shed on his property on Seventh Street; Brandon Alexander to build a fence on his property on Adams Avenue; Tom Tighe for demolition of a building on his property on Adams Avenue; Arlene Erickson to pave a driveway and sidewalk  on her property on Birch Avenue.