WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Ryder Cup Tournament . . .

    Wow the U.S. finally won a Ryder Cup Trophy! The tournament that pits the best U.S. golfers against Europe’s best golfers. For those of you who do not understand, or maybe don’t care, the Ryder Cup is played every two years, alternating between  the United States and  Europe. It is a team event with U.S. Golfers going up against Europe.

    Originally the tournament was contested between the United States and Great Britain, with the first contest at Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts. The U.S. dominated the tourney for many years until 1979 when continental Europe was added to the British team. Since that time, the tide is much more  even with Europe winning 10 times and the U.S. winning seven times. Although in recent history the Europeans have won eight out of the last 10 times.  

    So it was refreshing that the U.S.  won this year by a score of 17 to 11 at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska.

    My son Joseph, his son-in-law Brandon and Brandon’s six year old son, Blake attended practice last Tuesday before the tournament. He said they were disappointed with the U.S. golfers as  they paid very little attention to the crowd,  but he said the European golfers were very friendly with the fans signing autographs and shaking hands with them. My six year old great grandson Blake wore his Ricky Fowler outfit and got a lot of attention from the fans with many taking photos of him. But when the real Ricky Fowler walked by people in the crowd yelled out for him to look at Blake, but he totally brushed them off.

    I am  sure most of you had to have seen the clip of a man by the name of David Johnson of Mayville, North Dakota who was watching some of the European golfers trying to make a ten foot putt. Johnson said  “I can make that  putt.” One of the golfers asked who said that and Johnson said it was him. The golfer challenged him to make it and one of his partners laid a 100 dollar bill next to the ball. Johnson took time to look at the putt from both angles, and sunk the putt much to his and the pros surprise. Johnson then had the 100 dollar bill autographed.

    All in  all if you are a golf fan it was a pretty good week for the United States!

Have a great week and do good!