WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     I am outraged by the incredible price increases of the EpiPen used by people with extreme allergies. It is a pen type device that allergy victims can use to inject medicine  that likely would save their lives in an extreme allergy event. The pens price has increased by over 400 percent from 2007. The pens reportably have risen from under $100 to over $500.

    If that wasn’t bad enough the pens have a shelf life of one year! Meaning that if you have two people in the family that need the pens, you will have  to add over a $1,000 a year for the rest of their lives. That would be even more if the victims have more frequent attacks.  

    I think we all know this is not the only drug that has risen exponentially over the past several years.    

    Since I am on medicare and have Medicare Part D I see some relief from high drug prices. But even  that doesn’t give much relief from the high cost of certain drugs,  including  cancer drugs. Even on part D a person can run up thousands of dollars. We can thank our beholding congress persons for that.

    At the time Part D passed, the DFL wanted medicare to be able to negotiate with the drug companies, but others in congress wouldn’t allow that. Despite its short comings many DFL’ers voted for the bill noting that it is better than nothing. Well boys and girls, it’s time to change that and some of the other loopholes the drug companies enjoy at all of our expense.    

    I want to say if I am elected president I will work hard to change those inequities in our laws that allow the citizens of our country to be plundered out of their last dollars. If it is  constitutional  I will order executive orders to change these glaring errors in the Medicare part D.

    Currently the VA negotiates with the drug companies for their prescription drugs, although even they have trouble with some of the new exclusive  drugs. In the EpiPen case not only is it outrageous, but they have a clear monopoly on the drug as well!

    Oh by the way, it has been reported that Mylan’s chief executive Heather Bresch’s salary rose from 2.4 million to over 18 million. I suppose they had to raise the price of the EpiPen to cover her salary increase!

     Bean Lake Baseball update . . .

Duane Byers stopped by to tell me he received word from one of the Klevens, that the two guys on  the right are Klevens and the 2nd from right is an Olson from Storden. The one standing 2nd from right was not a Madson. Anyone else have any other information contact me or Duane Byers.


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