WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --

    For me one of the busiest times of the summer comes with Fun Days at Westbrook, and Wilder Pageant weekends. For a one man editorial crew it means spending a lot of time of four weekends during the middle of summer. I must say I really am glad when it all ends.

    Although one of the things I really enjoy about both of the events is an annual reunion of sorts with many folks that I only see once a year or less. Often times at Fun Days, I see people I have not seen in many years. Most of which were much younger the last time I saw them, often I  have a hard time recognizing some of them, yet they all seem to remember me.

    In Walnut Grove several of the pageant cast are out of the immediate area so the only time I get to see them is when they return for the pageant.

    With both  events it is like a homecoming for a lot of former residents who often book their vacations during these times. I guess it shows that no matter where a person lives there is “No Place Like Home!”

    It also is a tribute to the communities that work so hard to put on these annual events. Take a bow for the great job both communities do for these events.

Spot light on Storden

    By the time you read this another  great little community of Storden will  have completed their Town Day. Their celebration had a lot of fun events packed into one big day. Hats off to Storden-ites who go the extra mile to support their community.

Political conventions  . . .

    Well both the GOP and DFL parties have nominated their choice for president and vice president. I think both parties did a good job of advancing their agenda and their constituents responded mostly enthusiastically. But then you have to remember, all of the speakers at both convention with a couple of exceptions were by and large “Preaching to the Choir.” In both cases most  of what was said at the convention podiums was designed to fire up the faithful. However the importance of what  was said at both conventions will have to resonate with those who were watching or reading about on television and newspapers,  and more so for many on social media.


My campaign . . .

    It has been a while since I have written about my presidential campaign. Now that I know for  sure who my opponents are I will be actively campaigning.

    Donald Trump — what can I say that he has not already said! I cannot understand how anyone  can make some of the bombastic statements he has and still doing well in the polls. On the other hand I know, especially in  this area, many of you hate or dislike both him and Hillary Clinton. However if you put aside all the rhetoric just think about this — Hillary Clinton has given over 40 years of public service. Donald Trumps public service — Zero!

    Ask yourself this question, if you were Donald Trump and were interviewing candidates for a job. Which one  would you choose, someone with Zero experience or someone who has many years of  experience?

    Or you could write in my name. When you do, don’t forget my middle initial J.

Have a great week and do good!