WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — The city council members were very pleased with the opening of bids for the upcoming sewer relining project. The low bid of $196,306.45 came in about $32,000 lower than the engineers estimate of $228,000.00.

    Engineer Scot Leddy of Banner Engineering was on hand to open the bids for the project.

    Bid No. 1 was Michaels Corporation of Brownsville, WI,

with a base bid of $204,932.40 and unit price bid alternate of $10.656.00.

    Bid No.  2 was Visu-Sewer, Inc. of Pewaukee, WI. With a base bid of $196.306.45,  and unit price bid alternate of $8,064.00.

    Bid No. 3 was Insituform Technologies USA Crystal,  MN,  with a base bid of $247,179.02 and unit price bid alternate of $7,977.60.

    Bid No. 4 was Lametti & Sons, Inc. Hugo,  MN, with a bid of $237,555.80, and unit price bid alternate of $9,216.00.

    Bid No.  5 was Hydro-Klean, LLC DesMoines, IA with  a base bid of $195,903.40, and unit price bid alternate of $7,977.60.

    (The alternate bid unit was to add a reline of the 10 inch pipe connecting the east end of the sewer system)

    While the council resumed the rest of the agenda,  Leddy took the bids to another room to check each of the bids for full compliance, and  to detect any irregularities in the bids.

    When Leddy returned he said the bids were all in order and asked the council if they wished to go ahead with awarding the bid. He noted there was only $400 difference of the two lowest bids.

    The council asked if they had to take the lowest bid. He answered saying “you would have to have a very compelling reason for not taking the low bid.” He also noted this is one of the reasons you do competitive bidding to get the lowest price. Leddy also noted it was good to get the bids out early before the contractors get busy.

    The council voted to accept the low bid from Hydro-Klean, LLC of DesMoines, IA for a base price  of $195,903.40, and unit price bid alternate  of $7,977.00. This was with the contingency of Leddy talking to the bidder getting references from them, and to have  the city attorney review the bid.

        Police chief Alan Wahl told the council he has been noting residences of properties that will likely have to be notified for spring  clean up.

    He also wondered if the residential mowing rules should be tightened up. The ordinance says noxious weeds must be controlled, and all grass should be maintained at six inches or less. Wahl feels that violators should have to comply within a shorter period of time.

In the notices sent to property owners it allows 10 days to comply. Once the letters are sent they are already out of compliance so Wahl feels they should take care of it sooner. He feels that they should take care of it within five days or less. When the owners fail to comply, the city mows the property and assesses $75.00 to the property. The second offense the property owners are assessed $150.00. Wahl says often times it is the same people they have to notify.

    The council decided to change the letter for persons not complying with ordinance to mow the lawn immediately upon receiving  the notice.

    The council took action on the following items:

    • Left the workman’s comp insurance with a $1,000 deductible.

    • The WAV was given a permit for Bingo and Tip Boards.

    • The Lions Club was given a permit for their annual supper raffle.

    • Updated the Capital Asset Policy from $1,000 to $5,000.

    • A building permit was issued to Gretchen  Warner to build a garage at her residence on Bell Avenue.