WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- Hate and terror . . .

    I, like most of you, watched in horror as yet another senseless act of hate and terror took nearly 50 lives and injured another 50 or so patrons of a dance  club in Orlando, Florida.

    While our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, our nation struggle to make some  kind of sense or reason why this happened. Of course two of the things that come to mind are guns and radicalized individuals in this country who were in partnership with one of the radical groups centered in the middle east.

    It appears that this individual acted alone,  but was obviously influenced by the extreme views of Isis, as he placed a call to 911 pledging his allegiance to Isis. I am sure that much more information about this individual will be brought to light as time goes on. But all of that will not mend the hearts of those who were injured, or families of those killed.

    There are those who will say “what is wrong with our government?” They had investigated  this guy twice so why wasn’t he  on their radar? In  listening to a former FBI agent, he says the FBI did everything correctly. This individual did not  have a criminal background, and under our constitution he was within his rights to purchase these weapons. Again our constitution is there to protect our freedoms, including a person’s right to possess firearms.

    Although I do think that strengthening our common sense gun laws would not prevent all of this type of incidents. However, as bad as this event was, the real tragedy is all of the people that have been killed by suicide, or accidental shootings or just plain murder. Stronger gun laws will never prevent all of the afore mentioned — but unquestionably it would prevent a certain percentage of these incidents. Now I don’t know how much you value your life or the ones you love dearly, but I do know that I would be devastated if this were to happen to my friends and family. So in the end I say “we must be more diligent about suspicious activity, if you see something unusual report it!”

    About the same time this event took place another similar event was about to take place in California, but someone reported the activity of a suspicious person and they were stopped and apprehended before they could put their plan in action.

    The bottom line is we can go on about our business as if nothing has happened or we can insist that something be done. Because doing nothing will change  nothing.

Have a great week and do good!