WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbook — The County Engineers’ office asked the council for direction on whether or not to put in curb and gutter on the north end of First Avenue. They also wondered if boulevard trees and landscaping was necessary or not.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad said it is helpful to have curb and gutters along that portion of the street so when they plow snow they can see better where the edge  of the street is.

    City Clerk Katie Steen also said they had wondered if the storm sewer would have to be replaced. There is no storm sewer running under  the street, however the catch basins will have to be replaced and connected to the main storm sewer a block to the west.

    The consensus of the council was to have curb and gutter replaced on the north end, with no additional landscaping. There also was some discussion about getting a variance from the state for diagonal parking.

    When the council discussed fees and fines the subject of community center fees came up. Mayor Dennis Phelps and clerk Steen suggested the council should increase fees for community center rental from $200 to $250 and the senior center from $60 to $65. Phelps said we want to try and keep up with expenses as an ongoing thing.

    A fee for CRP burns was added to the fire department fees. They will now charge $250 base rate and $20 per acre fee.

    Building permits will remain at $25 but persons not getting a permit before building will be charged a late fee of $35. The council approved the changes in fees ad fines.

    Police Chief Alan Wahl told the council he is waiting for Austin Smedsrud to receive his police  officer certification. He will begin working as soon as he gets his certification.

    Street supervisor said the new hire for the street department, Jacob Comnick, is working out very well.

    Conrad said some of the manholes for the sewer project were dug up and inspected, but it is probably done for the winter.

    The  council passed a resolution approving the S1 agreement with MRES and Missouri River Basin Electric with the Westbrook Public Utilities, was approved.

    The council discussed an ad calling for bids on the Westbrook  Sewer Project. The bids will be opened and awarded at the February meeting,  February 1, 2016.

    Some part-time workers will receive an increase due to the change in minimum wage law increase.

    The council decided to do away with the library representative to the library board. Mayor Phelps said if there are issues librarian Kari Ourada brings them up to the council when necessary.

    The  money from the Fire Relief Fund of $8,000 was donated  to the city.  The council accepted the money and returned it back to the Fire Department.

    The council approved renewal of an ATV permit to Jody Burns.

    The following appointments were approved by the council.

    • Acting Mayor - Jan Johnson

    • Park and Pool - Jan Johnson, Manda Jorgenson.

    •Streets - Kelly Brown, Chadd Wahl.

    • Finance - Dennis Phelps, Katie Steen, Jan  Johnson.

    • Community Center - Jan Johnson, Dennis Phelps.

    • City Assessor - Cottonwood County.

    • Official Newspaper - Sentinel Tribune.

    • City Attorney - Muske Muske & Suhrhoff.

    • Bank  Depository - Bank Midwest.

    • Economic  Development - Jan Johnson, Dennis Phelps.

    • Personnel - Dennis Phelps, Manda Jorgenson.

    • Emergency Management Director - Curtis Madson.

    • Civil Defense Director - Curtis Madson.

    • Zoning Administrator - Dennis Phelps.

December Police Report:

    Five tickets issued, one funeral  assist, one theft investigation.