WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     Westbrook — Scot Leddy engineer for Banner Engineering of Pipestone talked about the sanitary sewer project for Westbrook. He discussed access to the property which is owned by private persons, the EDA and the city.

    City utilities superintendent Dennis Jutting noted they have permission from all of the affected parties for access. He also noted the city has a right-of-way easement for sewer repairs.

    He said the weather has been one of the challenges of the project with manhole castings and lids not being able to be replaced yet due to the muddy conditions. Dan  Joel, utilities employee, says he hopes things improve enough so they can complete that part of the project yet this fall-winter.

    Leddy gave the council a timeline for bidding the project. They will call for bids in January with a bid opening date of February first.  He would like the council to act  on the bids at the February meeting on the first.

    Police Chief Alan Wahl reported that the e-ticket system is on schedule, and they have passed the state audit. With his change in employment for the city, a new contract has been prepared for his service as police chief.

    City Street Supervisor Carl Conrad had sought quotes for a replacement of the Boomer tractor for the lagoon site.

    Quotes were received from John Deere for a 2012 tractor, loader and belly mower for $14,710 after a trade credit of $9,790. The council also received a quote from Westbrook Ag Power for a new New Holland Boomer, loader and belly mower for $20,000 after a trade credit of $8,500.

    After discussing the pros and cons of both units the  council decided to table the purchase until they had more information about the John Deere tractor. The council did approve a motion to purchase a new tractor for the lagoon. However the decision will not be made until further  information is received by the council.

    The council received a copy of the engineering proposal from the county engineer, Jin Yeene Neumann.

    Ever since the city of Westbrook turned over the operation  of First Avenue to the county there has been a plan in the works to upgrade the entire length of the street.

    This proposal will be funded through the county, with the exception of street lights which will be funded by the city of Westbrook.

    The proposal calls for engineering of the project, and included proposals for paving with concrete or asphalt, with concrete curb and gutter; replacing existing sidewalk with ADA Accessible Concrete Sidewalk; replace driveways; replace street lighting (100 percent by the city); replace storm sewer.

    Since state funding may apply, this is just a proposal, and funding may dictate changes  in the proposal.

    The project is expected to begin in 2017 or 2018.

    There has been some  discussion about narrowing the sidewalks and elimination of angle parking, or possibly having angle parking on just one side of the street.

    The city has until December 2, 2016 to submit changes or recommendations to the project.

    The council adopted the final budget and levy for 2016.

    The council reappointed Randall Comnick to the Public Utilities Commission, as there were no other interested persons that had applied for the position.

    The city approved the  transfer  of $6,000 to the Fire Relief Fund of the Fire Department. The money was received by the city from the charitable gambling outlet at the Westbrook VFW Club.

    The council discussed raising the city’s sewer rates due to the upcoming project to reline the main sewer line to the lagoons southeast of the city. The project will deplete a significant chunk of the fund.

    Currently the base rate for sewer is $11.00 with an additional $2.00 per thousand water usage. Utilities Superintendent Dennis Jutting and Dan Joel recommended they only raise the additional rate rather than the base rate. By leaving the base rate alone it will not raise the amount for individuals on a fixed income that have low water usage.

    City Clerk Katie Steen read some of the area sewer rates, and found that Westbrook was on the low end of those in the area.

    The council voted to raise the additional usage rate from $2.00 per thousand to $4.00 per thousand.

    Dawn Joel gave word to the council, that she would stay on as custodian for the community center.

    The council noted that they would have to look at the ordinances to  see what outside wood burning heating  units need as far as permits and requirements to install one.  There has been some complaints that some  are creating problems with smoke.

    Police Chief Alan Wahl reported there has been some noise complaints with semis running during the night near neighbors. He also noted that semis can only be parked on certain streets,  and can not dolly down the trailers in the city.?????

    November Police Report: Two tickets issued, one  county assist.

    A building permit was granted to Duane’s Body Shop on Fourth Street for a storage shed.

    A golf cart permit was approved to Dave Stresemann.