WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook — Police Chief Alan Wahl gave his report, and turned in his resignation from the City Street Department. He noted that it has gotten to be to much to do both jobs with more work at the City Street Department.

    The council was presented with a new handbook for the ambulance association for approval. Along with it was a proposal for increases for ambulance personnel and managers.

    In service and on call extra shifts pay for EMT’s increased from $500 to $1,000 a year. First Responders $250 to $500. Financial Manager will go from $8.25 per hour to $10.00 per hour. Maintenance Manger from $100 to $200 per month. Ambulance Director $200 a month.  

    Council member Jan Johnson noted the raises were approved by the ambulance association in January. She says the increases reflect considerable duties of the maintenance manger and the directors duties. Also the raises have been  the first in many years. Training Officer,  and former  director Dave Van Loh commented the raises puts our organization more in line with other area associations.

    The council approved the hand book and pay raises.

    Street Supervisor Carl Conrad told the council the city crew will be installing some new manholes for the main sewer project to take care of problems with the existing line going to the lagoon  site.

    Conrad also told the council that the pool has been winterized by the pool company. However Conrad said there were some issues with the work to be looked into.

    Resident Gary Larson requested to have the two lots he purchased in the old trailer court assessments changed, as he combined them into one lot. So the assessment should only be $690 instead of $1,380. However the council decided he would have to pay the mowing assessment for the past two years.

    The  council also approved a motion  to apply mowing assessments to several other properties for 2015.

    Mayor Phelps mentioned that persons who are being assessed can contact the city about a payment schedule for the assessments.

    It was suggested that people could save a considerable amount of money if they would hire a local person to mow their property.

    As a point of information the fire department reported they had purchased several new pagers with the AgStar grant — they also got several radios and pagers from the Avoca Fire Department  which recently disbanded.

    Krista Kopperud was given permission to hold the 5K Thanksgiving Day race at Sanford Westbrook Clinic.

    The council discussed looking into some kind of external alarm for the  community center. They also instructed city clerk Katie Steen to change the wording of the community center rental contract to reflect more accurately the number of chairs available in the center.

    Steen also explained that the city auditors will not allow persons purchasing items for the city using their own finances to recover the taxes paid by them. Steen explained that all purchases made by employees must use the city’s tax exempt ID number.

    Dan Joel talked to the council about setting up a meeting with the council to renew the amendment for a new power purchase agreement from the Missouri Basin Electric to purchase power for the next 11 years. A special meeting will  be scheduled.

    Two building permits were approved.

    David Danner for a storage shed on his property on Fir Avenue.

    Tiffany Harder on Columbus Avenue to construct a lean-to cover for a hot tub.

    The truth in taxation meeting will be held December 9 at 6:00 p.m. at the city hall.

October Police Report:

    Two tickets issued; 4 domestic calls; one Juvenile run-away case; one  vandalism call; BCA case assist; one  theft case; false police report investigation; one suicide call.

    Wahl told the council the city’s share of the new e-charge system records and  soft-ware will be between $2,500 and $3,000 with the county picking  up the remainder of the cost.