WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --

    This is by far the craziest presidential campaign I have witnessed. On both sides of the isle there is complete and utter turmoil. On the right we have a real battle between Donald Trump a complete party outsider, who seemed to be Cruzing  to an almost sure presidential nomination ó that is until the Republican party suddenly decided he is a real threat to the status quo and began a  campaign of their own to see that the Donald does not get the nomination. With Marco Rubio (the name sounds like that of a boxing  prize fighter) failing to carry the party torch after likely hopeful  Jeb Bush also succumbed to the radical messages of Trump. I have to really laugh to see those fallen candidates, who weeks before couldnít stand Ted Cruz, possibly the farthest right in the party, now are lining up like a pack of lemmings to defeat the fair haired billionaire Donald Trump.

    Then on the left is Hillary Clinton thought to be a sure shoo-in for the democratic nomination finding herself in a dog fight of her life with a Bernie Sanders, a socialist Democrat, who until recently was not even a member of the party.

    Well, I am here to tell you, this is not business as usual. There are a lot of people in  this country who think the system  is loaded against them. The middle and lower class people in this country are getting short changed and are being treated like second class citizens.

    I have a hard time seeing how Donald Trump can perceive what is actually happening. I also believe that Bernie Sanders knows what  is happening, but does not have a credible plan of how to fix things.

    This is where I come  in, I know what is going on and  I have some ideas that I think could work. OK I only have one idea,  and actually it is not mine, itís Bernie's. But my idea is how to do something about the outrageous cost of college education. First of all we are going to have to  set up an education assistance program similar to Social Security or Medicare. Everyone would pay in a small amount of their pay, along with their taxes. Low income  people would be exempt ó after all that is who needs the help the most.

    Next I would propose paying for two years of post secondary education tuition only. Here again I would also include special scholarships for the lowest income  families. Another part of the program would require all recipients to maintain at least a minimum grade point average,  and also be required to commit to some community service both while in school and after graduation. The service could be anything from volunteering to a youth organization, hospital, school, nursing home or any other organization  that helps people in need. Also there would be a means test for people to take advantage of the program, if you are in a high income  bracket, sorry you donít get it. Of course that would have to be determined. There are a few more things I could tell you, but I donít think we have enough space to run all 2000 pages  of my plan.

Have a great week and do good!

My name is Thomas J.  Merchant and  I approve this message.