WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) -- westbrook Mike McDonald of Tracy approached the council to approve the licensing of the Bonnie and Clydes 2 Bar and Grill. He was approved to receive both on-sale and off sale licenses for the new business Bonnie and  Clydes 2 in the former Loose Moose building.

    McDonald told the council that renovations on the building are going well. He was asked about when he thought it would be opening. McDonald said if we get all of the state licensing and inspections out of the  way, we hope to open the middle of May.  When asked about the menu, McDonald told the council it will be about the same as their place in Tracy.

    Mayor Dennis Phelps noted they had heard very good things about their restaurant in Tracy, and welcomed him to Westbrook.

    Police Chief Alan Wahl asked the council if they wished to do a drive around to see if there is any properties that need attention for spring cleanup. Mayor Phelps said he had been driving  around noting some that need attention. Wahl says he has already been working with some of the owners to get things cleaned up around their property.

    Phelps also said it seems like there  are a lot of unlicensed dogs in town. City Clerk Katie Steen said she is notifying current dog owners that their license are due.

    The city is looking into replacing several signs along County Road 7 (Davis Ave.) There are about a dozen signs that need replacing. Councilman Kelly Brown has checked with the county highway department to see what the cost to replace them would be. He had a list that the city would be responsible for, but the county would replace some of the signs also. He said it would be between three and five hundred dollars. Not all of the signs need to be replaced immediately.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad reported that a pump at the lagoon site needed replacing. It will cost $6,500. They will check to see if the bad one can be repaired so they would have a spare one available when needed. The council approved the purchase. Conrad said they will begin installing the new manhole castings for the upcoming sewer project.

    Conrad reported he checked on  getting a rebuilt motor for the motor grader. The rebuilt motor will cost about $20,000, but if there is other things that need replacing like a clutch the cost will likely go higher. The council approved putting in a rebuilt motor and approved up to $30,000 for doing the job.

    The council recently purchased a new Boomer tractor, from  Westbrook Ag, for mowing  the lagoon, and other small jobs around the city. However after receiving the new one Conrad said it was much bigger than the old one and would not work for the purpose intended.         They then were able to demo a John Deere unit, from Murray County Implement, that had enough horse power but was also small enough to do the job required. A representative of Murray County Implement, said they would accept the Boomer in trade plus $7,500. The council approved trading the tractor.

    Dan Joel, of the Ambulance Association, asked the council to approve purchase of a new ambulance. The 2016 ambulance will cost $169,000 plus trade of the 2006 ambulance. Council approved the purchase, noting the association has the funds to make the purchase.

    Fire Chief Curtis Madson submitted a bill for pumper repair of $1,000.

    The council approved Kurt Villa with Mankato Fairmont Fire Safety to inspect all city fire extinguishers for $4.00 a unit.

    Building permits approved:

     Eric Marsh to build a 60 x 40 foot building near the Meadowland Elevator on County Road 7 (Davis Avenue.)

     Roger Benson to build a deck

     John Bakken to extend the steps at his property on Fir Street.

     Jonette Morgan to install a chain link fence on her property on Cedar Avenue.


    Stolen snowmobile and trailer recovered with three county involvement. One arrest; one driving after revocation citation; probation violation citation; driving with no insurance citation; Bureau of Criminal Apprehension - obtain sample for DWI.

    The May 2 council meeting will be the 2016 Local Board of Appeal and Equalization at 5:30 prior to regular meeting.