WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     WWG ó  Charger running back Anthony Koch had a huge night racking up 215 yards on 27 carries and 4 touchdowns against the Nicollet Raiders.

    It had been a long dry spell for the Chargers the past few years playing the Raiders. But last Thursday night, despite the fact the Chargers were less than stellar in the first half, they came to life in the second half scoring  24 points to put away the Raiders.

    The Chargers started the game with a 55 yard drive in 10 plays with Koch scoring on a 8 yard scamper into the end zone for his first TD of the night. The two point conversion failed but the Chargers were on the board 6-0.

    The Chargers had two more short possessions, but were unable to get things rolling. However, defensively the Chargers came out strong and held the Raiders close to negative yards on their 3 possessions, and kept them inside their (Raiders) 40 yard line.

    On the second play of the next quarter, Koch picked off a Raider pass at the 44 of the Chargers. The drive stalled out at Nicolletís 31 yard line where the Raiders took over on downs. The Chargers took charge again forcing a loss of 3 yards, then a sack back to the  Raidersí 16 yard line and then a short gain forcing a punt.

    The punt was a short one giving the Chargers great field position at the  Raider 35 yard line. Five plays  later Koch broke loose on a 17 yard jaunt to the end zone for his second TD of the night. The two point conversion was completed on a pass from Andrew Quade to his brother  A.J. Quade to put the Chargers up 14-0.

    Later in the quarter the Chargers had a punt blocked at their own 45 where the Raiders took over. Four plays later defensive back Nick Berg picked off a Raider pass at the 30 yard line of the Chargers. The Chargers, unable to move the ball, ended up in a punting situation with 22 seconds left in the half. There was a bad snap with the Raiders recovering at the 20 of the Chargers. On second down, with 1 second left on the clock, the Raiders managed to score as the half ended. Their two point conversion was successful making the score at the  half 14-8 in favor of the Chargers.

    The  Raiders received the ball to start the second half. The Chargersí defense stopped the drive when Kyle Kuehl picked off a pass at the Chargersí 35 yard line and returned it to the 40 of the Raiders. A couple of plays later the Chargers turned the ball over on a fumble at the 35 of the Raiders. Four plays later the Chargers got the ball back at the Raidersí 35. Seven plays later Koch picked up his third TD of the night on a 3 yard plunge. The two point conversion failed but the Chargers upped their lead to 20-8.

    Late in the quarter the Chargers were able to take over deep in Raider  territory after a bad snap at the three yard line. On the next play A.J. Quade crashed into the end zone for the score. The two point conversion failed, but the Chargers increased their lead to 26-8.

    In the final quarter, after stopping the Raiders at the 3 yard line of the Chargers, on the second play Koch broke through the secondary and raced 95 yards for his fourth TD of the night, upping the lead to 32-8.                On the next series the Chargers stopped the Raiders at the Charger 3 yard line and forced the ball over on  downs. But then immediately turned the ball back to  the Raiders on  a fumble at the Charger ten. After holding the Raiders to 4th and long, Nick  Berg picked off a pass at the Chargers 6 yard line.   Several plays later Andrew Quade connected with Zach Vande Kieft who ran 55 yards for the score upping the Chargersí lead to 38-8. On the next series the Raiders scored a touchdown changing  the score to 38-14. The Chargers then were able to run out the clock for the win.


    Passing: Andrew Quade was 3 of 10 for 69 yards.

    Receiving: Vande Kieft had 1 catch for 65 yards and a touchdown.

    Rushing:  Koch had 27 carries for 215 yards and 4 TDs; A.J.  Quade had 15 carries for 53 yards and 1 TD; Vande Kieft had 4 carries for 23 yards.

    Punting: Dawson Iverson  had 2 punts for 63 yards.

    Defense: Koch led the Chargers with 12 tackles, 3 sacks, and 1 interception; Matt Kleven  had 7 tackles and 3 sacks; Kuehl had 7 tackles and an interception; Cole Olson  and Isaac Winter each had 6 tackles, and 2 sacks; A.J. Quade had 5 tackles; Iverson had 4 tackles and 2 sacks; Remmington Parker and Andrew Quade each had 4 tackles; Berg had 1 tackle  and 2 interceptions.