WESTBROOK, Minnesota (STPNS) --     westbrook   Police Chief Alan Wahl talked to the council about getting an E-charging, reporting system, to go paperless with writing tickets and reports. Part time officer Brad Peters has experience with that type of system, and knows where a refurbished unit can be purchased at a third to a quarter of the cost of a new system.

    Wahl says the system will send digital copies of the information to the state and county. Wahl also noted this system will be mandatory by the state for all police units to have this type of system in place by November.

    The system will cost around $1,000. The council approved the purchase of a refurbished E-Charge system for the Police Department.

    Street supervisor Carl Conrad presented bids for a new finish mower to be used to mow the sewage lagoon site. Bids were received from Westbrook Ag Power, for $2,200 with trade in, and Avoca Spray Service for $1,470. The mower is for a seven foot finish mower. The old mower was just a six foot mower. The council approved the bid from Avoca Spray Service.

    Conrad also gave a price for a 1,000 gallon diesel tank from Sioux Equipment of Sioux Falls. The cost of the tank  with setup will be between $2,200 and 2,300. Hopefully the city can save some money on diesel fuel, with difference of about 50 cents a gallon.

    The fire department asked to have two people added to the department and approval to purchase grain bin rescue equipment and a trailer to haul it in as well as permission for a grant for pagers.

    There was some  question about how many fire fighters were allowed for the department. No one seemed to know, but it was thought to be between 23 or 26 people.

    The council determined the bylaws of the department need to be checked before putting anymore members on the department. The council approved the other  measures, but conditionally allowed Cody Jagow and Brady Krueger to be added if there is room on the roster.

    The council discussed a couple of issues with the community center. Recently a citizen reported a flashing light in the community center. Upon police investigation a central alarm system showed there was a problem with a pop cooler overheating. The unit was removed, without incident.

    It was discussed about having a system that would dial into emergency in case of fire or other  problems. City Clerk Katie Steen looked into hooking up to that type of system and it would be cost prohibitive at about $300 per month. Since that time Steen was told that, that price was for a completely digital system, and that an Analog system would be much cheaper.

    Steen also told the council a person wanting to rent the community center  was concerned about the number  of chairs available for seating. The city advertises seating for 400 people. But another person who had used the center previously said there was less than 400 chairs. Steen said at the next wedding reception she would count the chairs after they are set up.

    If after a count is taken and there is fewer than  400 chairs then the council will have to determine what action  to take on  the issue.

    Westbrook Librarian Kari Ourada gave a report to the council.  She acknowledged the Westbrook Class of 1965 donated $600 to put a sign by the library entrance. Ourada says people are always asking if or where there is a library in town.

    Ourada also reported about several events the library is hosting the rest of the month.

    Two authors will be coming to Westbrook and the area. There will be a library lock up for teens. Read for the Record will be held for pre-school kids. She said they will be applying for a $350 grant to set up a lego play area. Full details can be found in  the library news elsewhere in the newspaper.

    The following items were approved by the council:

     A grant to the fire department of $3,000 for new pagers was received from Ag Star.

     Building permit for Troy Klasse to build a fence on his residential property on  First Avenue.

     Trick or Treating will be held on Halloween night Saturday, October 31.

     Contract was signed for the up coming sewer project to Banner Engineering for engineering fees.

     Purchase of a new Electrolux commercial vacuum for the city hall.

     Accepted resignation of Dawn Joel as custodian of the community center.

     City license fees: VFW - On sale liquor license $1.200; Off sale $100.00; Sunday liquor $100.00; games of skill, $15.00 per game. Cigarette license $20.00 Maynard's Grocery and ExpressWay.