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Medal of Honor program in the works Medal of Honor program in the works
    WWG — For some time now the WWG District has been selected to be visited by a Medal of Honor visit. In the early plans it was hoped that Medal of Honor recipient,  Leo Thorsness, who grew up in Walnut Grove would attend the event. Now it seems that he will not be a...

Whooping It Up Whooping It Up
westbrook — The week before last Hooperina gave a presentation of Hula Hooping at the Westbrook Community Center. The event was a part of the Westbrook Library’s  Summer Reading Program. ...

Obituary Obituary
Darrell Duncan Snodgress...

Between the Lines Between the Lines

    A week ago I had the good fortune to visit the new Vikings Taj Mahal to football. Wow! It certainly is impressive, it is amazing what you can build for a bit over one billion dollars, half of which were donated by the general public of the state through our income ta...

Flying low and fast . . Flying low and fast . .
    westbrook — Around this time, around the area, you often can hear the buzz of high powered spray planes as they cruise over soybean fields treating for aphids.  ...

Blazing Sunset Blazing Sunset
There were many people attending the Murray County Fair last Friday evening.