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FFA Region VI Banquet FFA Region VI Banquet
WWG FFA Reporter...

Student Cleanup Student Cleanup
Last Friday students from WWG High School did a community service project cleaning road ditches and the city park in Westbrook.

Students cleaned  ditches near the  Rolling Hills Golf Club.

Board hears class trip report from seniors
    WWG Seniors Kenny Her,  Nick Berg, Randy Knudson, and Dawson Iverson gave a brief review  and comments on their recent class trip to New York City, and Washington D.C. ...


    Funeral services for Raymond Nicholas Wester were held April 15, 2016 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Westbrook, MN.  Burial was in the Westbrook Cemetery.  Online condolences may be sent at  


WWG Principal Bill Richards Retiring WWG Principal Bill Richards Retiring
WWG It is not often that an education administrator spends the lions share of his career at two districts and the combination of those same districts. But Bill Richards did just that, serving as principal at Walnut Grove, and then serving as principal of Westbrook and Walnut Grove since 1991 when...

Between theLines
    Our schools are such an important part of our communities, and those who teach, administrate, and support are the fabric that makes our school great....